“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers” – SETH GADOIN

What We Have Here for You

We build solution of some underrated problems that you misunderstood sometimes. So we started taking care of you by letting your foes which could silently kill you. To provide you best solution out of it things we got all it covered.

Consumes CO2

It covers a total area of 450 sq. feet and consumes carbon dioxide present in the room.

Absorbs NOX, SOX, Ammonia

We use algal compounds that consumes these industrial gases using natural process of photosynthesis

Consumes other toxic gases

We have used nano technology to reduces the dangerous gases prevail in your home.

Produces Oxygen rich air

Our product have inbuilt capacity to undergo phtosynthesis in an control condition

Real time air monitoring

Various sensors have been used so that it can provide the real time data of contamination in air

Algae refill alarm

It have a sensor equipped which will show when you need to refill the algae of your product

Reduces all visible pollutats

Advance HEPA filters have been used to reduces the visible and invisible pollutants by 99%.

Smartphone operated

OX-C can be easily operated using its mobile application. You just need to connect it with wifi

Environmental Friendly

OX-C mimics the natural process of photosynthesis, thus helping the nature in maintaining co2-o2 ratio.

Do you know what are the effects of indoor air pollution
on you and your family?

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Frequently Asked Questions

OX-C 18V is a co2 sequestrator which uses microbes to reduces harmful gases and enrich oxygen in your space. It uses some filters also to provide you safe space by eliminating pollutants like other air purifiers do but in much impactful way.

No. Though it help to reduce the pollutants in your surroundings and it reduces your chances of asthma.

HEPA filters are capable of removing dust and other allergens, such as mold, while carbon filters are capable of filtering out smoke, fumes and other chemicals

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests monitoring your health effects after a change in your surroundings. For example, if you have new health problems after moving, remodeling, refurnishing, or a performing pesticide application, this could be an indicator of an indoor air quality problem. Another way is to identify potential sources of pollution, such as toxic household cleaning products, tobacco smoke, pets, pressed-wood products, combustible heaters… Check areas of your home that may have poor ventilation. Look for smelly or stuffy air, condensation on walls or windows, or mold growth around your home.

Keep it on the floor atleast 6 inches away from the wall. 

We use algal technology along with high quality HEPA, CARBON and NOX, SOX filters which comes with application based remote.